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Yesterday began Hay House’s Ultimate Webinar series called Start the New You Now! Reid Tracy, the President and CEO of Hay House Publishing, the largest publishing house for empowerment and well-being (I call them the Happy People), said that they didn’t start this webinar on Jan. 1 because that is when everyone is already inspired to fulfill their goals they have set for the New Year. However, after two weeks people have gotten so caught up in their regular routine that they have forgotten all about those resolutions. So, this webinar serves as a way to re-connect with our goals. More importantly, they help us to see which ones are really going to serve us.

I listened to Louise Hay, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Christiane Northrup yesterday and also did some yoga with the lovely Tara Stiles. If you are just hearing about this awesome opportunity, it is going on all week and is absolutely FREE! Click here to go to the website!

Everything I heard and saw was totally motivating, but most of the things that resonated with me came from Christiane Northrup, who’s target audience I don’t necessarily fit into as most of her books and talks are for women dealing with menopause. But, I think a lot of her messages are for all women; no matter their age. She has changed her life with affirmations and other techniques and yesterday gave some amazing advice for those who are dealing with clutter – not just in their house, but in their life.

I know that I am a yes-man. I never give my writing the proper place on my list of to-do. It’s usually something I don’t schedule time for and just hope time appears for me to do it. Doreen Virtue, in her book Assertiveness for Earth Angels reminds me that I cannot even begin to give someone the tools to help themselves if I am not helping/caring for myself. Boundaries are necessary for health and prospering.

Christiane Northrup said a few things along the same lines, which means that the Universe is really trying to tell me something since this message seems to be popping up everywhere.

I haven’t been sleeping well and I’ve been feeling a little stuck and Christiane told me to clean my sink. I’m dead serious. Your exterior environment reflects your interior self. My kitchen cabinets are a disaster and I recently was given a different room and bathroom in the house that still has messes all over the place because I’ve been lazy. I’m also a perfectionist and when I set out to clean, I want to clean every nook in the house…which includes the basement which is DEFINITELY the belly of the beast! So, because I feel I can’t do all of that in like a single day, I don’t do anything.

Weird. I know. But, Christiane talked about it and said it’s totally normal for those who suffer with perfectionism.

Start at your sink. Keep is clean and make it a habit to always have it clean. That is how you start, because once one area in the house is clean that control and neatness will expand into many other areas. It’s contagious.

I was actually listening to the Hay House talks in a bubble bath last night and got so inspired to take back my power, to take care of myself, that I got right out of the tub and started cleaning my kitchen. I stayed up until midnight cleaning my bathroom. Christiane is a virgo, if that explains anything, and I have a touch of that in my own signage LOL!

That all sounds moderately easy, right? Start small to make big change. It’s pretty simple, just hard to make it stick! Why is that? We know we want something, but we still can’t keep it going. It’s because the ego has trained us to believe that we are not worth that change. We are not good enough to have a clean, happy household and, therefore, life.

The ego will fight you, because every change comes with some discomfort. By changing, you are moving out of your comfort zone and going into the unknown. That can be scary! And the ego will play with fears of change and failure until we give up before we really start.

We think we should be helping the world, instead of helping ourselves, even in a small way such as cleaning our sink/kitchen/bathroom/basement/house/life. Or we tell ourselves that organization is bad because it means you’re stuck in a routine. Routine is an amazing tool, especially when we’re trying to rewire our subconscious mind-which is what drives our behaviors.

So, what can we say when we are feeling unworthy?

Christiane Northrup supplied us with this affirmation: “I expand joy, success, and love, while inspiring others to do the same.”

In my morning practice, I repeated that to myself a few times and then gave it some time to truly sink in. Expanding joy, success, and love in your own life allows you to be well, balanced, and happy so you may become a beacon of joy, success, and love. I believe the mission of a Light Worker/Earth Angel/Miracle Worker whatever you want to call it, is to be the light that shines into the darkness; leading people into the light.

I had an epiphany yesterday when Mom and I were talking at breakfast that I often feel bad when I am happy and my friends are not. I will then start to complain along with them, so that we are all at the same vibration, but that causes me to become resentful later because I do not want to be at that low vibration. I do not want to be sad or complain or feel upset. I have finally realized that as a Light Worker, it is my job to stay happy and at a higher vibration so that others will match it.

We have talked about this before, I think. You know when you are with someone who is upset and you can literally feel it without them having to say anything and then you become upset too, even though you previously weren’t? It’s the same with happiness! You can lift people up with your excitement, joy, and a big, genuine smile! Give hugs! That is an amazing way to lift someone’s vibration!

I’m sorry if today’s blog is a bit of a ramble. There’s so much going on and so many thoughts are in my mind.

Let me know what you think of Hay House’s Start the New You Now! And share any thoughts you have on any of the things I’ve shared today.

Love and hugs! Have an amazing Sunday!

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