Cleaning the Messes


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So I’ve been home for a few weeks now and I’m already stressed. I can’t find any lids for our tupperware. The pans fall out of the cupboard whenever you open the door. I’m wondering if my closet even has a floor, because I can’t find it under the junk. I’m tripping over boxes of my stuff from my dorm. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. I can’t sleep!

When there is clutter in the home, there is clutter in the mind. There is mess and it’s building up inside of you and overflowing into the physical world.

I honestly have no idea where all of this stuff came from! ;)

So, this weekend I took everything out of the closet and piled it up in the living room, making everyone in my house come to terms with our reality: we’re living in chaos!

My mom told me to take before and after pictures…but I couldn’t bring myself to expose you to the horror. Just be assured that my closet does have a floor! There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise. We’ve only made a dent in the messes we’ve collected in our house, but it’s a start. We took a huge load to Good Will and I expect we’ll be on a first name basis with everyone who works there by the end of the summer haha!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed. The stuff in the closet didn’t belong to me, but it forced me to pile my belongings up in my room. I hated being in that space – space that should have been a sanctuary. My grandma was using my closet and my mom was using my bathroom – this is what happens when kids go off to school, it’s just the ways of life haha! So we all had things to sort through. What did we need? What did we use? When was the last time anyone opened the closet and actually got something out of it instead of running away in tears?

My grandma told me I should be a host on a hoarder show, because I am great at getting people to get rid of their stuff. It is incredibly hard getting rid of things. Everything has a memory attached, whether if it’s a stuffed animal, a doll that everyone else thinks is creepy, or a sweater. There are also things that are just pretty that we think we’ll use sometime in the future. We have that problem with holiday decorations – even though we all know we always use the same things every year and the thing we think is pretty always gets forgotten and kept in the box buried in the closet.

Take things slow. Don’t unpack every messy area of the house and dump it on the living room floor. Huge piles are intimidating and make you want to run away or move; keeping the mess hidden and the reality masked.

I first cleaned out the bathroom. Then the closet. Now I’m organizing my room. Next, we’ll move into the hall closet and the kitchen – so I can finally find the lids to all our leftover containers LOL!

If you don’t have that much time, move from one cupboard to another. Don’t worry about the whole room, just one space at a time.

When you’re in a clean and open space, energy is free to flow. You know where everything is so you get frustrated and snappy when you find only containers but no freakin lids…like I did last week. You’re not tripping over things. You’re not stuck or trapped. You can move, breathe, and enjoy your space.

When you get rid of the old and stale, you are also making room for better things whether that’s a new couch or sweatshirt or a new opportunities with your career or relationship.

So…what needs cleaning in your house?



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Today just so happens to be my birthday, so it’s the perfect time to talk about change and new beginnings.

Spring is in the air. The grass is turning a beautiful shade of green. Flowers are blossoming. The days are getting longer. We can physically feel and see the changes happening all around us, but today, my lovelies, I want to tell you about a huge change that’s happening in my life right now that is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

On May 17th, I’ll be graduating college. My classes are already over and this morning I turned in my last final. I’m technically done with school. I’m done. Forever. No more classrooms for me. No more tests. No more finals. No more buying boring textbooks that I never really need because what we really learn at college is how to get A’s in bullshitting.

Since I was a toddler, I’ve been in school. That’s true with most people. We wake up at the crack of dawn, go to the bus stop yawning or trudge across campus in sweatpants because it’s too damn cold to wear anything else when we have to walk around outside to get to our classes. I think doodling during class is a universal thing that transcends highschool haha. Hating math is anothing we carry through one school to another haha – oh? was that just me?

Anyway – so many things are changing. I foresee a major freak out moment in August when I go to Walmart or somewhere and see all of the back to school stuff and realize that I’m not going back. I don’t even remember a time when I wasn’t getting ready to go back to school.

I don’t want to say that I am now officially an adult, because I don’t think there is a specific age or moment when that happens to someone. Sometimes that never happens. But my world is definitely spinning upside down. I have some plans…I actually spent a few hours yesterday when I was procrastinating on my Final final paper making a business plan. I like plans and lists, so that made me feel a little better.

I’m so ready to be done with school! But part of me is scared, because I honestly don’t know what life without school looks like. It’s a whole new world for me. A whole new experience. I whole new way of life.

Doesn’t that sound scary?

It also sounds kinda exciting, though, right?

Here are my three tips to help love change:

1. Take a moment to revel in the unknown. It’s okay to not know what’s going to happen next. Sit in it. Enjoy the freedom.

2.  Make a plan. Don’t plan out the whole year. But make one goal and craft a plan that will help you achieve it.

3. Give yourself some wiggle room. Don’t plan every moment of every day that leads up to when you have decided you will reach your goal. Allow for some space, because that’s when miracles happen! That’s where the magic exists! Besides…no matter what you have planned, changes are always happening. And most of the time the Divine (him, her, they, the Universe, whatever floats your boat) has something better planned for you anyway. So go with the flow, just make sure you’re working towards something.

Greatness will happen!

So, what’s going on in your life? Are you graduating like me? How’s it feel?

I’d love to hear from you so drop a comment :)

Until next time…I’m going to get me some ice cream cake!

Love and hugs,


Where is God Now?


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Last night Juniata College Theatre Department presented their solo acts for the public to see. One monologue was a girl having a mental break down over what faith meant to her.

During it, she raked her hands through her hair in panic and screamed, “Where is God now?” By the end of the performance, I had tears in my eyes, but it wasn’t until that point that I knew I liked it. You see, I had difficulty liking this performance because she started talking about Christians and the bible and their greatness and how she could never live up.

Now, I have nothing against Christians. I have nothing against any religion. I love them all equally. I find them fascinating…honestly, I love when someone has a faith. What I didn’t like was that she was holding up this one religion and those who practice it up on a pedestal – saying she could never live up with them or be worthy of God’s love. That idea…the thought that one wasn’t worthy of that love. God’s love. Divine Love. It angered me.

Where had she gotten that idea? As she talked, I couldn’t help but think about the guilt many religions put on people. The idea of sin has been twisted.

Sin is defined as moving away from the Divine path. People have made a list of what they consider to be sins…it’s a way to guilt people…a way to shame them and make them feel less than others. We are all born with the right to love and be loved. It’s not a question about deserving that love or being worthy of it, but whether or not we are actively choosing it.

Are we choosing to see through lenses of guilt, judgement, and fear and therefore choosing the ego? Or are we acting with acceptance and openness and therefore acting with love? It can be so easy to even blame, shame, or guilt God.

Like the girl who screamed, “Where is God now?” we can look around this world…just turn on the news for a few minutes, and you’ll think this world is headed for hell. Or maybe you think this is hell. There is so much crime, hatred, fear, and violence. Then there are the natural disasters.

So, where is God now? God is inside us. He/She/They is inside every single one of us. We were created in Their likeness and therefore have that same Divine energy flowing within us..shining within us.

So many people look to God to answer their problems and fix everything. Why do you think He made us? We are meant to work for Him. That is the greatest form of Worship! Prayer has Power but following the Divine Path makes Miracles! There is no blame to be given or to be had. We all have the Creator’s love and attention. They are waiting to see our greatness.

The problems we face are all human created, in one way or another. We have been living in fear for too long. We have been letting the ego drive the car. It’s time to wake up and face the music. Really look at yourself and ask, “What have I done and what can I do now?” Do not beat yourself up about past mistakes, but instead learn from what you have experienced. You now know what doesn’t work. It’s time to try something new.

Open your eyes, arms, and heart. See the world as full of beings, not just humans because we were ALL created by the Divine, as beings of Light. We are Light Workers. Miracle Workers. Spirit. Love. We have been waiting for the Divine to come down and show us the way, but They already have. They created us with that knowledge, that connection to Them, already within us. It’s time to find The Strength of Silence and Wake Up! You are the answer to your own questions.

You are the Light this world needs. You are the Love you desperately crave!

Ego will always be there, but the violence doesn’t have to be. We can learn from the past. We can change this world one moment at a time, by choosing Love over Fear.

Choose Love now.

I love you :)

Brightest Blessings,

Stacy XOXO

#MiraclesNow An Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein!


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Today is the release of Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book, Miracles Now! I cannot tell you how excited I am! As many of you know, Gabrielle is one of my gurus. She is such an inspiration. She motivates me every day to take time to be silent, to be true to my authentic voice, and to use my voice to spread the light and love within me.

I had the opportunity last year in May 2013 to meet Gabrielle Bernstein in NYC at the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. She radiates love and happiness. She truly vibrates with the cosmos.

Here is my interview with the wonderful Gabby Bernstein – enjoy her words and wisdom and be sure to buy her new book here: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Miracles Now interview with New York Times bestselling author Gabrielle Bernstein.

Tell us about your new book, Miracles Now.

I love this book and I’m so psyched to share it with you. Miracles Now helps readers lessen stress and find peace—FAST! I handpicked 108 techniques to combat our most common problems—from addiction and anxiety to burnout and resentment. The exercises are inspired by some of my greatest spiritual teachings. Throughout the book, I offer up spirit-based principles, meditations and practical tools to help readers bust through blocks to live with more ease. I break down each technique Spirit Junkie style—with meditations, assessment questions and step-by-step guidance—while incorporating lessons from the metaphysical text A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga. This book is meant for the busy, stressed person who simply wants to feel better fast.

How is Miracles Now different from all of your other books?

Each of my books has a unique format but a shared intention, which is to offer readers tools for releasing all the blocks to their true happiness and peace. Miracles Now shares that core intention through 108 short exercises that can be done anywhere, any time. This book is less self-reflective and more action oriented. I want it to put people into practice immediately so they can experience Miracles Now!

What made you write this book.

I write my books based on what I feel my readers need. I realized that so many people have packed schedules and lots to do, but they want to carve out a little time each day to create positive change and find peace in ways that are easy to follow and put into practice. In addition, I continuously witnessed my audience members and social media followers ask me for more practical tools to release their stress and boost their moods. People want to get to work and they want to feel better fast. This book is my response to that call.

The higher purpose of this book is to contribute to a greater global change. I believe that when more and more people begin to feel better, the positive collective energy supports the energy of the world. I believe that it is our collective energy that can save the world. This is the higher purpose for Miracles Now. I reinforce the book’s mission in its introduction, excerpted below:

{Excerpt from the introduction}

Right now we’re in a special and powerful position, because the world is having a spiritual awakening. When energy speeds up there is no space for playing small, and nothing can remain hidden. At some point all lies are brought to the surface and truth comes forth no matter how hard we try to hide it. Cynics are filling the yoga studios and the spiritual choir is growing larger. There is a massive call for more lightworkers, and now is our time to rise up and bring more positivity to the world. When the masses begin to vibrate with an energy of love, the world will no longer be a container for war, violence and lies.

There are great Kundalini meditations throughout the book. Can you tell us more about them?

For this book I chose twelve of the most powerful Kundalini meditations for shifting your mood, changing your energy and reducing stress. I was mindful to include meditations that are easy for newcomers as I expect many of my readers may be new to meditation. A great meditation for beginners is what I’ve nicknamed Peace Is in Your Pulse. It improves your concentration and brings calm to even the most scattered mind.

Sit in Easy Pose (comfortably cross-legged on the floor) with a slight neck lock, which means your chin slightly down and your neck is straight.

Lightly close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyebrows (the third-eye point).

The mantra is Sat Nam (which means “truth identified”).

The hand position (mudra) is simple. Place the four fingers of your right hand on your left wrist and feel your pulse. The fingers are in a straight line, lightly pressed on the wrist so you can feel your pulse in each fingertip.

On each beat of your pulse, mentally hear the sound of Sat Nam.

This meditation is suggested for 11 minutes, but you can experience great benefits in just one minute. Practice it daily to develop your intuition and calm your mind.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to create positive change in their life. If you’re stressed out, anxious, fearful, stuck or simply ready to play bigger in your life, this book is for you.

If you have the slightest willingness to feel better, this book is for you.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your spiritual path. You can be a dedicated yogi with a 20-year practice, a hardcore cynic who thinks this stuff is woo-woo, or anywhere in between: No matter what, you’ll benefit a lot from these teachings. What’s most exciting about the book is that you can simply use one of the exercises on a daily basis and it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I say that with conviction.

How should the reader use the book?

This book is fun and interactive. You can read it from start to finish and soak up the concepts, but there are other ways to approach it. I feel that book can also act like a tarot deck. You can set an intention for yourself and then open the book to any page. Mark my words: You will ALWAYS get the guidance you need most in that moment.

I think the best way to use this book is to surrender to the exercises. Let your intuition guide you through each page. When you land on exercise that excites you, DO IT. Practice it for 40 days and master it. Then share it! These tools are meant to be shared. The last lesson in the book is that you are the guru. Miracles Now empowers you with life-changing tools that you can share with the world. When these tools become yours, they are yours to share.

What are the spiritual teachings that influenced the lessons in the book?

As a student and teacher of  A Course in Miracles and Kundalini yoga and meditation, it has become my mission to translate these life-changing spiritual truths for all seekers. A Course in Miracles is a metaphysical self-taught curriculum based on the principle that when we choose love over fear we experience miraculous change. The Course emphasizes the practice of turning our fears over to the care of our inner guide and places strong emphasis on forgiveness. The Course teaches us that through the experience of forgiveness we will know true peace.

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness, which focuses on enhancing one’s intuition and strengthening the energy field. Kundalini aims to draw forth the creative potential of an individual to have strong values, be truthful and focus on compassion and consciousness.

It is a great honor to share the principles of both A Course in Miracles and Kundalinithroughout this book. These tools helps the reader release everything that blocks their connection to their inner power. When you practice these techniques, fear melts away, inspiration springs up, and a sense of peace sets in. Most importantly, you build a relationship to the power within you — and this power connection is essential. The power I speak of is your connection to love. The more we tune into our own frequency of love, the more love will spread. When love is the trend there is no room for violence and war. Trust me when I say: Your practice is crucial in the awakening of the world. Each person’s energy matters.

In the book you use social media in a really cool way. Can you share about this?

I love this part! I boiled down each lesson into a 140-character description — or Miracle Message — which can be tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, posted on Facebook, or shared on Instagram. Each Miracle Message ends with the hashtag #MiraclesNow so readers can connect, share miracles and spread inspiration. And e-book readers can share right from their devices.

If any readers want to share the instagram/Pinterest quotes from the book they can download them here:

How can we become a Miracle-Worker?

The moment you invite miracles into your own life you become a miracle worker. It’s as though you accept a spiritual invitation to live a life beyond the fear and doubt that you once knew. Stay committed to your desire to live in love and strengthen your faith in miracles. Then share your story with those who are in need. Your miraculous story has the power to save lives.

Share with us your journey and how it led to where you are now

In my early twenties I ran a nightlife PR firm in NYC. On the outside everything looked great, but on the inside I was a mess. I was seeking happiness, security and self-worth outside of myself. I regularly stayed up till 5 or 6 a.m. partying, and thanks to cocaine I weighed about 98 pounds. My friends had tried an intervention, but it didn’t work. Then, one night, I finally let it go. I wrote in my journal, “I need help. God, Universe, whoever is out there … I surrender.” The next morning, October 2, 2005, I woke up to a loud inner voice that said, “Get clean and you’ll have everything you want.” I knew I had no other choice than to listen.

I am happy it happened the way it did. I found God in my own way. I got clean. My conscious surrender was when I asked for help in my journal. I received an answer right away, and I have been sober since that day. I was desperately looking for happiness, and I was seeking everything good—peace and happiness—outside of myself.

For the past eight years I’ve been on a powerful journey inward, expanding my intuition and shifting my perceptions of the world. Through my own personal journey I have been guided to teach others to do the same.

Order Gabby’s new book, Miracles Now TODAY, and get these three gifts from gabby:

-       Her ½ day workshop on Manifesting Miracles

-       Her lecture on Living a Miraculous Life

-       The audiobook intro to the book!

Thank you Gabrielle for the interview and all the good you do for this world. You are a bright light and I am excited for this new book!

Gabrielle really can help you become the happiest person you know. She is real. Genuine. Beautiful. Raw. True. She’s honest and open. I hope you all find her work as enriching as I do.

Have a great day!



To Eat or Not to Eat – That is the Question


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Last semester, when I was taking a class on nutrition, I learned that there is such a thing as being too conscious about your health and what you eat. It can become an obsession and it can keep you from eating when you’re hungry; when there isn’t anything within reach that you “can” eat.

I identify as a vegetarian and wanna-be vegan, but yesterday I had a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.

Now, it wasn’t because there was no other option. I had other things to choose from, including a salad. but, honestly, sometimes you really do have to listen to your body and tell your mind to shut up. It can become so easy to over think ingredients and food-prep. I know my hunger shuts down completely when I learn there is high fructose corn syrup in the honey salad dressing I got.

It is so easy to get caught up in the “what is healthy” and “what is not” game. Now – believe me, I know that high fructose corn syrup is evil and sugar is the devil. My personal belief is that I should not harm another being so I can eat, when there are ways I can live without doing so.

However, cravings happen for a reason.

I think that our bodies know way more than we could ever give them credit for. And when they tell you that you need something, you should listen. I have absolutely no idea why my body thought it was necessary that I have tuna fish yesterday, but I could not shake that desire. After I tried for a while, I just caved and gave in – because, it was obvious, that it was something my body believed I needed.

So I trusted my body.

When people think of vegetarianism or veganism, they think of deprivation. We are not allowing certain things to be on our plates. We aren’t letting ourselves have ice cream every once in a while. We aren’t allowing ourselves to have chocolate. We can’t have a hot dog (though, at this point, that doesn’t feel like I’m depriving myself. hot dogs are icky lol).

You know what I mean, though.

Vegetarians and vegans are strict and have no fun. Or that’s what a lot of people think.

Now, there are a amazing recipes for vegan ice cream, french toast, chocolate pudding, tacos, etc.

But sometimes, you need to indulge.

Don’t let yourself be put in a cage by the fear of high fructose corn syrup or your knowledge of various food productions.

Be mindful, but don’t be cruel to yourself.

Listen and learn from your body.

Trust that you know what you’re doing.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you vegetarian/vegan? Have you ever had a “cheat” day?

Have a great day!


Time to Wake Up


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Yogi Bhajan once said that when we got to the Aquarian age (which we transitioned into in December 2012) 1/3 of the population will commit suicide, 1/3 will go mad, and 1/3 will wake up.

That can sound a little scary, but it really does make sense. We have moved into an entirely new age. An entirely new time. The Age of Aquarius is often called the Age of Communication. Gone are the days of us searching for happiness on the outside. Now it is time for us to express what our hearts are longing to say. Now it is time for us to be honest, be open, be loving of ourselves and others.

If we don’t wake up and allow ourselves to become an expression of the light and love that we want, we’re only going to experience more crazy! Think about crazy land. We’re living in it now, So much stress, rushing around. We’re easily frustrated and angry. We snap at people, we’re especially mean to ourselves.

There is a better way and that way is to wake up.

Wake up tomorrow with a new perspective. Open your eyes to the love around you. It’s not that we need to learn another way to live. It’s that we need to forget all the shit we’ve already lived through!

As babies, we are born into this world knowing love. We are love. But things happen to make us forget that love. We second guess ourselves. We pay too much attention to the media and social expectations. Mom and dad fight. You witness or experience something horrible that makes you question that love is real.

There is so much horribleness in this world. But, that’s not all there is and that’s not all you have to feel or experience.

Wake up tomorrow feeling grateful. Do you have food? A bed? A blanket? So many people don’t even have things like that. Be grateful to be opening your eyes. Be grateful to have this opportunity to live.

Live big, too. Express your gratitude. Be thankful instead of complain-ful (yeah yeah that’s not word haha). Whatever you do, don’t half-ass it. There is no try. There is only doing. And there is ONLY now.

Wake up and live the life you want to live because the moment you’re in right now is all you have to make a statement: a statement of who you are.

So in the morning ask, “Where shall you have me go? What shall you have me do? What shall you have me say? And to whom?” It’s from A Course in Miracles. Start creating miracles: a shift in perspective: a shift from fear to love.

Let me know how it goes!

Sleep well xoxo

The Strength of Silence


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So many people are afraid of silence. I know I used to be. I still am, sometimes, if I have gotten out of the habit of sitting in it. When we are all alone, in a still room with no music or tv show on in the background, we are gripped with a fear? Why? Because we don’t want to be left behind. We don’t want to fall behind in what’s going on in Crimea. We don’t want to miss out on Maureen Johnson’s awesome tweets. We don’t want to miss out on hearing the latest gossip at the lunch table with our friends.

Can I ask you something? I want you to be honest when you answer. Look at the list of things above. Your list might be a little different. Maybe it’s work related. You can change things around…add the things that you’re afraid to not hear about the moment it happens. But…up until now you have always been connected to the news and the gossip…has that made you any happier? What has that really offered to you? How has any of that served your life or your purpose? How has any of that allowed you to serve anyone else?

I am not saying we shouldn’t read the newspaper, but you should always be aware of how things are affecting you. Louise Hay says to NEVER read or watch the news at night before you go to bed. I sometimes catch the teasers before I turn off the tv before the news comes on and OMG the horrors to be discovered there! It’s a very scary thing: the news. You should be aware of the world, but you also need to take care of yourself and your state of mind.

Sometimes, the best thing any of us can ever do is unplug. Turn off the computer. Put the phone away and turn the volume off. Step away from the newspaper.

I dare you to just sit.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has said that he spends two hours in the morning sitting in silence. At the beginning, you might feel uncomfortable. Your mind will probably get busy very quickly, making to-do lists and reminding you of all the things you should be doing. You’re a busy person, I know. You have class, school, meals to make, kids to take care of, a house to clean. I’m sure if I asked you write now, you’d have a list a mile long full of things that need your attention.

But, there is a reason you came to this blog. There is a question you’re asking yourself. How can I be happier? Why do I have what I want, but still feel miserable? Or, why can’t I ever get what I want? Whether it’s a job or relationship or get into a handstand in yoga class.

You’re pushing yourself to fit a mold that was created by the media in order for you to keep buying more things. If buying those new shoes was what really brought you happiness, you wouldn’t be asking those questions. I think we have all come to realize that happiness is something found within, not at the shopping mall. But, knowing that is completely different than living it.

Happiness is a practice, just like yoga. It’s something that takes time and awareness. Conscious effort.

The answers to all of our questions come to us in the quiet. If you sit long enough, your mind will eventually get the message and it will shut up. Then, once you’ve forgotten about the question, the answer will come. Once you release the anxiety and you stop rushing and demanding for an answer at this very second(!), you will find a sense of ease. Tranquility will wash over you, because you’ll be free of your damn calendar.

Give yourself permission to be. To just be. Be self. Be Divine. Be centered. Be connected.

You don’t have to sit in the quiet for 2 hours, though I think that’s something we should all strive for. That’s something I think we all want, on one level or another. But, take a few moments. Take a minute. Maybe 5. Maybe 10 or 15 or a half an hour. And it’s not time that “you can spare” from your busy day! I challenge you to put an alarm on your phone reminding you that it is time to meditate. Do it twice a day if not more – just to close your eyes and take a few breaths. Connect with yourself and see how you’re really feeling. It’s your time to be honest and be real; authentic and genuine. No lies.

Sit with your back straight.

You can breathe in and out quickly through the nose: breath of fire (do not do if menstrating or pregnant)

Or just long deep soothing breathes through the nose or mouth, whichever works for you

Rub your hands together to start, to stimulate energy and warmth in your palms

Maybe bring your palms together and press your thumbs into your heartbeat

There are so many things you can do! Just close your eyes. Go deeper into yourself and hold the energy and wisdom inside.

You are worthy of silence. It’s something you need. It’s something you probably desire, even if you’re not aware that that is what you are craving.

Silence is such a beautiful, powerful thing. Please don’t hide from it anymore.

Much love,



Feeling Lost


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Have you ever been walking along, completely ignorant but in a blissful way and then suddenly you stop and realize you have know idea where you are or how the hell you got there?

Well, my loves, that’s what I had happen today.

No, I wasn’t lost in the woods. There really isn’t a way to get possible on my campus. It’s a small liberal arts school and I’m pretty sure every pathway that’s on it will eventually meet up with every other path way if you keep walking long enough. Honestly, there are spots where you can stand and see the ENTIRE campus.

I was lost in a more philisophical sense. Even more than that. I was lost in a Divine way.

I had the honor of finding a talk Wayne Dyer gave for the Hay House Writer’s Workshop. It’s available for everyone to watch until April 1st. Even if you’re not a writer, I think you should watch it. Dr. Wayne Dyer is such an amazing person. He is such a light. His stories can honestly touch everyone, I think. He’s such a geniune person.

But, anyway, in this talk he said that to get what you want, whatever that may be, you need to align yourself what that desire. Feel such passion and joy and excitement, that you are driven to do it by your own expectation of yourself. If you expect it from yourself, you can’t just sit and wait. You must get up and do.

He told the story of his start. How he wrote his first book. How he got published. Seriously, when he went to talk about his book to a publisher they talked for 4 hours but not about his book. Yet, that publisher gave him a contract because of the sort of man Wayne Dyer is, saying, “I don’t care what that man writes. I want him with us.”

It made me take a step back and look at myself. Really look in the mirror. It’s not beautiful sight at the moment, because I have come down with the plague (just kidding. I’m actually feeling better. The worst is totally behind me lol). But, really, I wasn’t happy with what I saw because I could see a complete and total difference in who I was in this moment and the path I had been on several months ago when I had the honor of seeing Cheryl Richardson, Nancy Levin, Kate Northrup, Kris Carr, Iyanla Vanzant, Bruce Lipton, Meggan Watterson, and many other lightworkers in D.C. at the I Can Do It Conference.

Somehow I got out of my daily ritual of self-care, self-love, conscious thinking, and devotion to my higher self. I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been saying my affirmations.

I let myself get caught up in the monotomy of boring classes and homework. I stopped eating as many vegetables as I should. I started napping a lot instead of napping little and living a lot.

Part of this has to do with the weather. This really has been a killer winter. There were even flurries spotted today when I went to dinner. Insane! But…I know who I am. I know what my purpose is. I know my strength, my will, my dedication, my love, my Divinity.

But where did it go?

I let it take a back seat while I trudged through the snow, the every day, only looking forward to spring, the better days, instead of making my days better now.

We only have this moment. This day.

How we live this day, is how we live our lives.

So, I’m making a plan. I’m not running Back to my path, but I’m walking forward. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe we ever faulter. But instead we learn new lessons and see new things. Everything that happens, we were meant to experience.

Tomorrow, I begin my day with tea and mirror work. What about you?

It’s Officially Spring!


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Happy Ostara, everyone!

It’s the first day of spring and the sun is finally shining! You can tell we all miss the sun. In my acting class, we spend about the first hour or so working on movement and learning to work together, silently, as a group as we move around in space. It was really cloudy this morning. I thought it was going to be a gloomy day – which are my favorite writing days and I love storms and all…but it’s Ostara! I expected sunshine! LOL So as soon as the wind would move the clouds and sunlight broke through the gray – everyone would literally dive onto the floor to catch a little bit of sun. It was fantastic :)

The sun is really shining now, as I’m writing this. I am so excited. I can smell spring in the air. It’s here. We made it. We survived that long-ass winter. We didn’t freeze to death or get buried in snow. Aren’t you so proud? So incredibly happy?

It’s hard celebrating any Sabbat on campus. Candles aren’t allowed, which makes me cry a little bit on the inside, but you don’t need a grand gesture or huge formal ceremony to celebrate with the earth.

My plan is to have a nice cup of tea later, sit in the sun, bask in all the new life and possibilities around me, and share my tea with the Lord and Lady. All very basic, but no less heart felt and beautiful. I also want to start a new journal (Spring is the time to start things – btw, so I think it’s perfect timing!) that will be filled with everything I’m grateful for. Affirmations. Love. The things making me happy. Things like that :)

How are you celebrating our long awaited spring?

I hope everyone has an amazing day! Be sure to go and stand in the sun for a few moments!

Much love and many hugs,




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